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D xing - Short wave Radio Listening

DXing is the hobby of tuning in and identifying distant radio or televisionamateur radio, citizens' band radio or other two way radio communications. Many DXers also attempt to receive written verifications of reception (sometimes referred to as "QSLs" or "veries") from the stations heard. The name of the hobby comes from DX, telegraphicshorthand for "distance" or "distant".  D - distance  X Unknown. signals, or making two way radio contact with distant stations in
Tuning to short wave radio stations broadcasting for far and wide all over the world is a very interesting and involved hobby. All you need is a Radio Transistor and time to involve in.
Shortwave listening (abbreviated as SWLing) is the hobby of listening to shortwaveradio broadcasts located on frequencies between 1700 kHz and 30 MHz. [1] Listeners range from casual users seeking international news and entertainment programming to hobbyists immersed in the technical aspects of…