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Navarathri 2011

Navarathri 2011

 The festival of Navrathri is called Kolu or Navratri Golu, where women set up decorated Steps in the house and decorating it with dolls which are collected over the years. The origin of the word Kolu can be traced to Tamil Kolu or Telugu Koluvai, which means a sovereign sitting in his royal durbar. As per belief the concept of arranging these Navrathri dolls  is to depict that Goddess Mahishasuramardini is sitting in her Kolu, prior to the slaying of the demon Mahishasura. The dolls are only decorated during these ten days but the collection of dolls may have started over years. These dolls can be very simple to very complicated ones as per ones likes. Every year women enthusiastically arrange these dolls as per their tastes. They either re modify the existing dolls with some new additions or they add couple of new dolls to the existing stacks to decorate the plank every year.
various Gods are arranged here. The kumbham or the ceremonial jar for holy water, which is a co…

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