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Hari Ohm

This Blog on Vishnu sahasranama is based on Thruppavai.  Readers can Enjoy referring respective Thiruppavai Paasurams. 

If the first two forms, "Para" and "Vyuha", by their very nature make them less appealing and create a sense of remoteness in one's consciousness, the Lord has made Himself easily accessible to one and all by His presence in the form of idols in temples.
The archa  form of NArAyaNa is due to His Soulabhyam (easy accessibility to one and all) and Sowseelyam (Friendship shown by an exalted one towards a lowly person without expecting anything in return). this is like the affection of parents for their children who happened to live far away from their homes. In this form, He resides with His full complement of qualities or character. He is available to His devotees, receives their prayers and blesses them.
In this Archa form, it is possible for us to realise the Supreme Being Who is without beginning or end, Who is the highest and unequalle…