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Sholingur Yoga Narasimhar

Yoga Narasimha Templeis in Sholingur Tamil Nadu
Its original name was Kadikachalam or Chozhasimhapuram. Sri Yoga Narashimha Swamy temple at sholingur in vellore District is a famous pilgrimage spot.It is believed traditionally that worshipping the lord at this temple would relieve the devotees from various ailments.Especially those who suffer from mental illness and evil spirits visits to this temple for special worship and many of them have experienced the relief from their sorrows.(Matrimonial Matching Success - Issueless(childless) Couples are blessed by the Lord) Sholingur village has two hills on which the temples are started.On the main hill,which has 1305 steps and is about 750 feet high,the temple of sri Yoga Narasimhar with goddess Amruthavalli is situated.There is also a Temple for Sri yoga Anjaneyar on the small hill, which is about 350 feet High. The temples will be Open between 8 am to 5.30 pm

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