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Andal Thiruppavai


About AndalAndal was a 10th century Tamil poet who is revered as a saint in the southern parts of India. Infact, she is considered as one of the twelve Alvars (saints) and the only woman Alvar (saint)  Alvars  She is also believed to be an incarnation of Sri Bhumi Devi, the Divine Consort of Sriman Narayana (a manifestation of Lord Vishnu). Andal Thiruppavai, the compilation of devotional poems sung by her, is still recited by devotees during the month of Margazhi. 

Early Life The life history of Andal tells us that a person named Vishnucitta found her, as a little baby girl, under a Tulsi plant in the temple garden of Srivilliputtur.  (in southern TamilNadu) He gave her the name of Goda, meaning 'the gift of Earth'. Vishnucitta brought her up in an atmosphere of love and devotion towards the Lord. The intensity of her love and dedication towards the Lord grew so much that she decide to marry Sri Ranganatha, a form of Lord Vishnu.

Unusual Offering
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Ragam Hindholam


Let Me share The Beauty Of Raga Hindolam which I Like Very Much. Long Ago When i was listening to Chennai All India Radio Music Concert in a Quite Night ( They used to Air a Full Concert of an artist in FM Channel) For an hour. It was Namagirippettai Krishnan rendering a Melodius number in Nathaswaram, and immediately Recorded using my National Panosonic Tape Recorder.It was Mysore VauDevachar's " Mamavthu Sri Sarawathi " in Hindolam. That is how i was attracted to this charming Hindolam. Then I got Tarangini Cassette that had a live Recording of Jesudas Presenting , now famous  'Samaja vara gamana' of Thyagaraja in the Raha Hindolam.Jesudas in his mesmerizing beautified Hindolam with Alapana , Kirthanai and Niraval. Later at the advent of TV, Chennai DD ( Single Channel days) There was a Jugalbandhi by Lalkudi Jayaraman in violin and And Amjad Ali Khan in Sarod. It was a lively concert and entire Program was devoted to Hindolam and Malkouns.I recorded the…