A Visit To Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is situated about 51 km from Manali town at an altitude of 4,111 meters (13,400 ft.) on the highway to Keylong, is Rohtang Pass. Here one sees the majesty of the mountains at its height and splendour. In place of the pinnacled hills, sheltered valleys and cultivated tracts, the eye meets a range of precipitous cliffs, huge glaciers and piled Moraine, and deep ravines. Almost directly opposite is the well defined Sonepani glacier, slightly to the left are the twin peaks of the Geypang, jagged pyramids of rock, snow streaked and snow crowned.

Rohtang Pass is the highest point, 4,112m, on the Manali-Keylong road, 51-km from Manali town. It provides a wide panoramic view of mountains rising far above clouds, which is a sight truly breath-taking. It offers only limited skiing opportunities, but trekking possibilities are immense.
The pass is open from June to September, although trekkers can cross the pass from May. Beyond Rohtang pass lies the remote and, perhaps, the stark and haunting landscape of predominantly Buddhist areas. The comparative inaccessibility of the place has helped preserve the pristine culture of the people of the region.

We Left Manali on 25th May 2008 , very early in the morning by a Tata Sumo. Our Team compraised 10 members. Rabi , the Driver of the Vehicle informed us that he has 20 years of Driving Experience. Driver stopped at a shop which is renting Winter robes including full apron, , Rubber Boots, a Cap, pair of Glouse and a Stick. Ladies can get dress of suitable sizes. We have seen a no of such shops on the way to Rohtang pass. Each shop is numbered , so that one can note the shop number to return the Dress on the way back.

The Entire route of 51 Hilly roadway is simply breathtaking. Only a highly skilled Driver can drive safely with confidance and ease. There was an army convoy of Supply vehicles (Presumably moving towards Leh) ahaed of us. So vehicles including ours had to stop for some time.

There were many Tiny shops Selling - Tea , coffee , Noodles, Corn, Soft Drinks. It was very nice to enjoy a cup of Hot Tea sitting in that snow peaks.

As nearing rohtang we can see patches of snow bedded mountains, Streams flowing from molten ice, and starting point of River Beas.Though this pass has earned the title of being a little obnoxious and dangerous due to its unpredictable snowstorms and high winds, every tourist yearns to visit Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh. Rohtang pass is considered as the world's highest jeepable road. The climate on the day was very pleasing, and no rains. It was sunny all the way.
Our Jeep stopped very close to Zero Point. Oh What a scene - White carpetted surface every where. Just started walking over the cool icy Surface with the support of walking stick. We felt the chillness inside the Rubber Boot - on the Heel and toes. Alraedy there were scores of Tourists - Children , adults and of all ages. Very colourful dresses as seen all over the snow bed.

Every one has a way and facility to enjoy with fun - Skating, Bike Skating, Horse skating, Push cart, Tube sliding. some of Our team members tried skating. There are many tibetian to help to learn basic skills of Each game.

Skiing in Himachal Pradesh is best enjoyed in the Rohtang pass which is covered by snow for nine months of the year. In fact, Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh is the only site in India, where one can indulge in skiing in the winters as well as autumn. The most important site for skiing in Rohtang pass is Sonapani glacier. Enjoy a holiday in Himachal Pradesh to enjoy the famous Rohtang pass attractions in Himachal Pradesh that involves the popular adventures in Rohtang pass.

At the top of the Rohtang Pass the air seems to glitter against the snow as you look down over herring boned ridges into the Lahaul Valley. There is a beautiful Doshohar Lake left to the pass, where pilgrims go every year on the auspicious day of 20th Bhadon. Rohtang Pass is the only access to Lahaul valley. The pass is open from June to September each year although trekkers can across the pass a little earlier. Rohtang pass is the gateway to Lahaul valley just as Zojila pass in between Kashmir valley and Ladakh.

The Beas river rises near the crest of Rohtang from a block of Mica-Schist. The pass normally opens for traffic after mid-June and officially closes in November. To its left, 200 metres higher, is the little lake of Sarkund (Dashair) visited by a number of people, the general belief being that a bath in these waters effects a cure of all bodily ailments-real or imaginary. 10 km before Rohtang is the barren-landscape of Marhi which hums with activity during summer and autumn months because almost everyone stops here for refreshments.

It is Very Enjoyable and Scenic Spot and ofcourse Photographer's Delight. It Was a pleascent , memorable Trip.

Some Tips :

- Start From Manali at early in the morning Before 6.00 AM ( Otherwise your vehicle can get caught in traffic jam and may nor get closet to Zero point.
- Carry Wollen dresses - Socks,Glouse, Sweatter, Wollen Trouser.
- Dark Cooling Glass is a must- To avoid Sun Glare.
- Persons with Breating problem, Asthma need to go prepared with madicines - Oxygen Level is low. Avoid Break fast while driving Uphill.
- Mobiles are of No use - No signal there.

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