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Flowers appeal to all of us in many different ways, whether as a field of Garden Flowers, a vase with freshly cut flowers, giant yellow sunflowers reaching toward the sky, or the heady fragrance of lilies on the night air. Everyone likes to walk  through the green blooming flower garden enjoying the aroma of Flowers and Plants
It allow the sights and smells of this floral haven to wrap around us like a comfortable blanket. Nature has the uncanny ability to talk to our souls. The fragrance of a rose, a butterfly landing on a lilac blossom, or the beauty of the morning dew can and should affect us deeply. 

Every flower is a marvel hence my love of digital macro photography of flowers
Flowers and insects have a beauty all their own when you get really close to them.Few of photos are shown below for you to look into it and appreciate the natures gift of Beauty to us.

I tried my best to capture flowers of many kind and colors. Wherever i have traveled, within India and outside I have shot Flowers in close view. Flowers in Himachal always fascinate me. It is so interesting and enjoyable experience to capture a flower with an insect sitting on to it. Good patience and time sense can get you some lovely pictures.try capturing in early morning , and in best of the time you can get great shots with due drops on fresh morning flowers. Similarly try it immediately after rains.
 Penseys , Lantanas of so many colors and hues sure to WOW one and all.

Point and shoot digital cameras often have a special macro setting that allows you to focus closer than normal,
One of the advantages of digital photography is that you can take as many shots as you like without wasting film, a feature that is very useful when it comes to macro photographs!
The closer you get, the less depth of field you will have. This term relates to how much of the photograph, from front to back, will be in focus. When you are really close to the subject of your photograph the depth of field can be measured in millimeters! A slight movement of the camera, or the flower itself in a gentle breeze, can be enough to spoil the shot.
Expect to take many shots to get one that is technically perfect.

Of course there is more to photographing flowers than just the technical aspect. You will need to develop an eye for a good photograph and the best way to do that is by practicing.

I request all interested ones to visit the my flicker sites, that has many colorful macros of Beautiful Flowers

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