Spiritual Sadhana Camp at Sidhabari (Himalayas).

Chinmaya Mission Tuticorin organised a Spiritual sadhana Camp at sandipani Ahram in Himachal Pradesh, From 17.05.2010 to 23.10.2010. Br. Pavithra Chaitanya was Camp Acharya. Kapila Geeta and Hamsa geeta were covered during the camp in for Hourly Lecture sessions in Tamil.

The valley of the Siddhas, Sidhbari nestling in the lap of the Himalayas is an awe-inspiring showcase of nature & soul. Swami Chinmayananda chose Sidhbari as a suitable location for a Sandeepany in the Himalayas. Pujya Gurudev must have felt the divine vibrations of the place where Kapila Muni once lived.

As part of the Camp a Spiritual yatra was conducted covering nearby holi shines including Kapila cave , Jwalamuki , Kangda Devi , chamunda Devi and Bhuddist Monastry in Dharamsala.

Nearly 60 Delegates including 9 Balavihar children , from Chennai, Trichy, Tuticorin, Rajapalayam,Thirunelveli, Hydrabad and Mumbai and Pondicherry, joined this Camp. Sri Muthiaji (Affectionately known as ‘Thatha’) aged 80 , a long time Balavihar Sevek, attended and actively participated in the camp proceedings.

Delegates were divided in to Five Groups Named as Jeeelum Chenab, Raavi , Biyas and Sutlej . Every day Each Groups discussed on the Given Topic and made Interesting Presentations. Topics Included Viveka, Relationship and Aatma. Swamiji gave summary remarks and Specific observations.

Evening sessions included Presentations (On chosen Activity) and Bhajans by Balavihar Children. There was a Quiz on Ramayana and Mahabharata for the children. A slide show revived the memorable Hanumanji Consecration function held in Sidhbhari in 1983. Delegates and Children Visited CORD Campus situated close by to Tapovan ashram, and interacted with staff members to know the various activities of CORD.

The Camp was Concluded with Guru Paduka Puja on 23rd May 2010.

Lord Veera Hanuman - Consecrated on: 10th October 1982

Construction of Hanuman Idol began in 1979 and as per Gurudev's Sankalpa, a Veera Hanumanji's idol was to be installed. The well-known sculptor, Sri Kashinath of Shimoga sculpted the cement concrete idol of Hanumanji in Veerasan posture. It is 25 ft tall and rests on a 7 ft granite pedestal. The idol was consecrated on 10th October 1982 by Pujya Gurudev. I was fortunate to attend the Function and Gita Yagna Conducted by Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.
Veera Hanumanji is seated at Sidhbari under the milky sky, open to the embrace of his father, Vayu, the Wind God. Hanumanji successfully keeps the damaging winds at bay. By worshipping the deity, one gains strength, courage, fame, alertness, eloquence and wisdom. As Swami Tejomayananda says, 'Lord Hanuman is the embodiment of all great divine qualities put together - Devotion, Dedication, Service, Dispassion, Strength, Humility, Knowledge and every other virtue!'
Once in five years a consecration ceremony (Mahamastakabhishekam) of the idol is performed for which devotees from all parts of the world gather.

Veera Hanuman

Camp Participants
Br. Pavithara Chaitanya


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